Case Studies

Just Some of the Projects We've Delivered

Water Quality Monitoring

Water Quality Monitoring in remote locations using the cellular network and battery power

Hardware Firmware Software Infrastructure

We developed a cloud-based water quality monitoring system.  

High-Value Asset Monitoring

Asset Monitoring and Tracking System

Firmware Hardware Infrastructure Software

Developed a full system to track valuable assets and monitor their performance in real-time, interfacing with 3rd-party Modbus TCP devices.   Read more...

Vehicle Tracking

A mass produced smart vehicle tracker

Hardware Firmware

We developed a smart vehicle tracker for commercial vehicles.   Read more...

Beer Monitoring

Because who wants bad beer?

Infrastructure Software Firmware Hardware

We worked with several beer monitoring systems to measure beer flow, temperature, dispense duration and more.   Read more...

Cathodic Protection

Protecting concrete structures

Firmware Hardware

We were approached by a major civil engineering company that needed custom electronics to control current and voltage in a new cathodic protection system.   Read more...