We take data from Sensor to Screen.

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  Electronics Design & Development

We have extensive experience in electronics hardware and firmware development. From circuit design, PCB layout, prototype build & test, EMC testing - all the way to a final product.

We design and build efficient production test solutions so that production can start immediately following development validation.

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Software for electronics (firmware) development is one of our key strengths. Firmware here is developed mostly in C, C++ and assembly. We can also modify existing firmware to suit new requirements or fix issues or maintain your existing project.

We have experience with a wide range of processors & micro-controllers including ARM Cortex, ARM7, ARM9, PIC, AVR, 8051, x86, Z8, Z80, EZ80 and MSP430.

We implement robust and secure over-the-air upgrading of device firmware. Our MyM2M Platform also manages firmware revisions intelligently, helping manage the deployment of new firmware features and other updates.

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  Web Platform Software

We've developed a strong, scalable, flexible web solution to bootstrap any IoT project.

With a flexible users & permissions model, an easy-to-use responsive web UI for mobile & desktop, our MyM2M Platform provides a solid starting point for any bespoke IoT project.

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  Web Platform Hosting

Our robust, scalable cloud infrastructure keeps your data safe & secure while making it highly available to users.

We've developed flexible cloud-based platforms that scale with your project, ensuring that your application responds quickly even under load.

Our platform can run in our cloud-based environment, on yours, or even on on-premise servers.

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