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Software Engineer / Developer - Job ID 20191128

We have an exciting (and unique) opportunity for a software developer / engineer. The ideal candidate will be driven, motivated and enjoy the variety and challenges that come with working on new things often. The role involves developing and maintaining software for our servers that receive data from electronic devices (trackers, loggers, controllers etc.) mostly via cellular networks. The data is processed, stored, analysed, presented to users via websites and exported via APIs.

The ideal candidate would have experience in at least some of the following:


  • Developing and maintaining multiple systems based on largely the same codebase. Essentially accepting connections from embedded devices out in the field and storing data to a database, then allowing retrieval for charting etc. Backend is mostly based on Symfony/Silex but at this point is mostly custom/bespoke code.
  • Main knowledge points (other than programming) that are required are networking, protocols, HTTP, TCP/UDP and serialisation formats (JSON, XML, custom ones) because this is how devices in the field are uploading data.
  • Good understanding of basic sysadmin stuff (especially AWS, Linux-based machines, managed MySQL). Setting up new instances, keeping tabs on storage and resource scaling.
  • Server monitoring, really important that systems stay up and running, we’ve got quite a bit of custom code (Python) that handles a lot of this.
  • Data reshaping and exporting e.g. via API


  • Developing and maintaining systems based on common frontend codebase. Rendering charts, allowing device management etc. Key technologies are JavaScript, AngularJS (Angular 1), Bootstrap, Grunt etc.
  • Maintaining and developing hybrid mobile apps (based on Ionic Framework)
  • Basic UX knowledge, able to produce demonstrations and presentations of mockups for quotes and specifications.


  • Opportunity to get involved in embedded firmware development (in C/C++) depending on interests/skills


  • Ability to interface with customers to understand requirements and provide support.
  • Able to contribute in a small team environment, working with engineers of other disciplines to solve engineering problems
  • Familiar with Git software version control


  • Flexible working hours
  • Bonus scheme
  • Work from home opportunities

Job Type: Full-time, Permanent