Introducing our MyM2M® Web Platform

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  Customisable Dashboards

Customisable user dashboards enable you to see the information that is important to you at a glance. A powerful map widget enables an overview of your entire estate of devices with the ability to quickly drill down to a single device.

You can pin individual charts to your dashboard to keep an eye on specific devices.


  Powerful Charting

Visualise your data like never before with interactive charts that make comparing data series across your devices easy. Load as much data as you like with intelligent interpolative loading.

  Smart Config

Our Smart Config editor allows you to simply configure devices without worrying about commands or keeping track of local changes on the devices.

MyM2M Web shows you when changes occurred locally on devices and maintains configuration consistency at all times.

Quickly view device vital signs and pin devices of interest to your personal dashboard for quick configuration access.


  Organisation & Permissions

Easilly manage large estates of devices using a straightforward yet powerful folder structure. Assign custom attributes to devices and search them to speed up your device management workflow.

Assign fine-grained permissions to control how users in your organisation can interact with your devices.

  Alarms & Triggers

Track and manage alarm conditions easily. MyM2M Web supports SMS and Email alarm notifications for both device-assessed and server-assessed alarm conditions.

Craft powerful expression-based Triggers to find data conditions within your device estate.