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We customise our tried and tested platform to be exactly how you need it to be

What is Web Platform Software and why do I need it?

In a typical IoT / M2M system remote devices connect to the Internet to send data to a central server. At the server the data is processed, stored, acted upon (e.g. send alarms to users by email, SMS and mobile push notification) and made available to view and manipulate via various user interfaces e.g. web browser and mobile app. The main components of a web platform are:

  • Device communication server
  • Database
  • Website
  • API server
  • Notification engine (email, SMS, push notifications)

Basically everything in the server side box in the adjacent diagram.

Our Web Platform

Over many years we have developed a extensive web platform called MyM2M® Web which incorporates all of the things mentioned above and much more. We have launched a MyM2M® Web demonstration website that anyone can use. There is a walk through mode to guide you through the dem website. The demo site description and resources are described here.

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As well as the demonstration website mentioned above we can demonstrate many real world example systems (based on MyM2M® Web). Why not contact us for a no obligation demonstration and discussion of your requirements.

IoT / M2M System

Why Our Web Platform?

Customisation is one of the main areas that we differ from the competition. Our platform is easily customised to your needs. We don't believe there has to be a "one size fits all" approach to these systems. The end product looks very specific to your requirements but is based on our proven core technology that has been used in many successful projects over many years.

The other area where are unique is that we give you access to all the source code as part of the licence so you are not reliant on us to extend or maintain the system or to host it.

Although you can host the platform if you wish, all of our customers use our infrastructure to host. Our cloud-hosted, scalable IoT / M2M / telemetry servers make sure your data is always available, safe and secure. Redundancy across all aspects of the system allow us to achieve better than 99.999% uptime. See more more about our hosting solution at IoT web platform hosting page.

We can also provide an interface to the data using “Web Services” API. Web services provide an interface to the data via an API (application programming interface) that other programs use to access the data and/or manipulate the data. So basically the same web server provides web pages for the human user interface and a web services interface for other program interfaces (e.g. your customers could interact with the data from their system if you wished).

Don't forget to check out our MyM2M Web Demo for a great example of all this.

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