IoT Web Platform Hosting

Your web application hosted in the cloud by us

What is web platform hosting?

IoT / M2M applications need to receive, store, process and make decisions on the data that is collected from remote devices. Configuration data needs to be sent from the server to the remote devices. The application software that manages all this needs to run on Internet servers. Provisioning the server infrastructure to do all this is what we mean by hosting. Hosting needs to occur is a secure, reliable and safe environment.

IoT servers

Why 360 Telemetry for web platform hosting?

If we've provided/developed your server application then we know it better than any so are best placed to host it. You could invest in lots of infrastructure and start hosting servers to run your web application but this is a very challenging, expensive and risky task. We have been doing this for a long time for many satisfied customers and have achieved an economy of scale that means we can host your application much more reliably and cost effectively than you can.

Our cloud-hosted, scalable IoT / M2M / telemetry servers make sure your data is always available, safe and secure. Redundancy across all aspects of the system allow us to achieve better than 99.999% uptime. We monitor all aspects of the system for availability, unusual user activity, unusual device activity etc. etc.

We look after backups, operating system upgrades, security certificates, dynamic resource scaling (you never see it slow down)......and lots more......basically we look after everything. You just pay a fixed cost per month and leave it all to us. If a problem does occur we'll know before you do with our rigorous server monitoring software.

We can also work with existing infrastructure and build intuitive APIs to make systems work together. So if you already have a back office system that you want to keep we can ensure your new IoT project works with it. Also if your customers need to interact with the data and import it into their systems then again we can make it work seamlessly.

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